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1 week ago|Author|Artist|Writer

My new book, Shattered, is about to be launched by Peta Pinson, our mayor from the Hastings region of Port Macquarie.

I invite interested readers to come along and listen to how this story took ... See more

DesleyPolmearCreative/Author/Artist/Writer/Unlocked Secrets/Just Before Midnight/Payback

2 weeks ago
Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel

Stay tuned for Q Pop Up news..... some surprises to come! For now:
I just set this new duo FB page up fo the album and tour I'm doing with Rebecca Daniel. Feel free to like and follow if you have ... See more

Fiona Joy Hawkins (piano/voice) & Rebecca Daniel (violin/piano/voice) record and tour as a duo & celebrate their upcoming debut release The Lightness of Dark - an ethereal, Neo-Classical journey into ... See more

4 weeks ago

1 month ago

Just for fun....

FLOW playing their hit single Arrival

1 month ago|Author|Artist|Writer

Desley Polmear has just completed her latest Novel - we can't wait to get copies in the Q Pop Up Gallery, but you can order now online.

DesleyPolmearCreative/Author/Artist/Writer/Unlocked Secrets/Just Before Midnight/Payback

2 months ago

Hey Jason Southby and Leanne - check it out. Also, please look at the stunning Desley Polmear painting (pic below) as I didn't get it in the video and its beautiful. It may be one of the highlights ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from QPopUp's post

Thanks to the collectors who recently acquired prints of David D. Sorensen's watercolours: "Lagoon Erosion" and "Gosford Dawn"!

2 months ago

Thanks to everyone who came to, helped and supported the concert last Sat night - I hear we raised over $3,000. Woohoo. This is the intro I did earlier in the day.

2 months ago
Fundraiser for creative arts and culture hub at Kew

Thanks to the Camden Haven Courier for helping us garner some community support for the fundraising concert in Kendall on the 30th March. The gallery we are raising funds for is located in Kew but ... See more

Want to see a permanent art and culture hub established at Kew? Get behind this fundraiser.

3 months ago
An Evening With Fiona Joy & Rebecca Daniel

If you live in NSW near Port Macquarie, you may like to come this concert in Kendall. We will be playing some never heard before music - written for our new album Lightness of Dark - to be recorded ... See more

Rebecca Daniel composer, violin, vocalist & Fiona Joy Hawkins – composer, pianist & vocalist are doing a concert to raise money for the Kew Arts Co-Op.

Rebecca ... See more

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